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Moons and Moss, Astro Calendar 2023-2024, A3 Limited Art Print

Moons and Moss, Astro Calendar 2023-2024, A3 Limited Art Print

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🌖This is a Limited run of A3 art prints, originally printed using a traditional printing method, called Lino Printing, re printed on recycled paper and printed in the uk. 



🌑PRINTED ON 280gsm

🌘A word from the makers

'The luna cycle is one that is so innately linked to our human lives. The oldest calendar in the world, found in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, dates back to 8000 BC and tracks the movement of the moon over the year. For the people of ancient Scotland, the moon provided a way for them to track the passage of time. This information would have been essential for the seasonal gathering and hunting of food.

We’ve created this luna calendar from handprinted Lino cuts to help you keep track of the lunar phases of this zodiacal year.

Our inner landscape follows the same cycles of waxing and waning as the moon.

Full moons are a time of illumination, they shine a light on areas of our lives that otherwise may be in shadow. They occur when the moon is in opposition to the sun and thus the full moon is always in the sign opposite to the sun. 

This axis gives us the opportunity to find balance with the energy of the zodiac season.

New moons mark the beginning of a cycle, with the moon not visible in the sky we are plunged into darkness. This is the perfect place for us to plant seeds of intention and manifestation.

The new moon is always in the same sign as the sun and as such gives us the opportunity to grow into the archetypal energy of the astrological season. 

As well as being a beautiful piece of artwork this luna calendar will help you keep track of the internal cycles of growth, death and rebirth we all go through on our journey to the self.'

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