Handpoke Tattoo

Tattooing always felt like a natural progression from my illustration practice. I love the idea of creating stories and capturing magic in a design. This can be by using imagery and symbolism that capture a moment in time, a feeling, a place or simply bring you joy. 

Hand poke tattooing uses many of the same principles of traditional gun tattooing, however the process is slowed right down and created dot by dot. This means most people find it far less painful and some what meditative. It also means the healing time is far quicker. It does not mean that it won't last as long, or that it is less hygienic or safe.

My style is soft and gentle, I want my tattoos to have a feeling of love in each one. They are going to be woven into your skin forever, so I believe it's important that the intention be good. 

I aim to create a wholly inclusive environment, and want to make everyone feel welcomed and accepted. 

Email kateoliviaillustration@gmail.com 


Information to Include when enquiring/booking a tattoo: 

  • Full Name 
  • Pronouns
  • Location for booking: Bristol/ Cornwall
  • Specify if you want custom or pre-drawn flash
  • Idea for custom 
  • Size (in cm) 
  • Placement on your body 
  • Budget 
  • screenshot of the design (for flash)
  • 3 reference images of my own work that you like